Friday, March 20, 2009

Other Kneadlessly Simple breads I have made

For a review of Kneadlessly Simple by Nancy Baggett, click here. For other breads I made from the book and posted about, click here and here.

Crusty seeded cracked wheat pot boule
This bread was excellent. We loved it. I had changed the recipe to sourdough.

Rustic rye pot bread
This one I also converted to sourdough. It was good but not exceptional.

Hearty caraway beer bread
This bread, I didn't convert to sourdough. I pretty much followed the instructions (to a point) and baked it in a covered oiled oven-proof dish (a first for me). Since I hadn't added flour before the second rise, as recommended by Baggett (I just can't bring myself to do that), the final dough was a bit slack, to say the least, and almost impossible to score. Which is why the crust cracked where it wanted to. That being said, it came out scrumptious and I would strongly recommend it to any rye/caraway lover. Of course, if you don't like caraway seeds, this bread isn't for you. Next time I make it, I'll use a natural starter.

100% whole wheat honey bread
This one is the best whole wheat bread I ever had. Tasty, wholesome and light. What more to ask for? Well, maybe it could look better. However its flat, deceptively low-key appearance may be due to the fact that I had trouble timing myself for this one and it ended up spending an extra night in the fridge, which is exactly the opposite of what the author recommended. But we soon forgot about its unassuming look. It was so airy it melted in the mouth and the flavor of the whole grain came out with a peppery aftertaste which made it very addictive.

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