Monday, August 10, 2009

Apricot Limoncello Ciabatta

This truly scrumptious loaf is based on the tweaked ciabatta recipe to which I added a lot more water (I didn't weigh it as I mostly went by instinct), 320 g of dried apricots (from Costco) and 1 mini bottle (50 ml) of Limoncello.
The crumb came out moist and fragrant with a very delicate flavor. I could have used twice the amount of liquor and maybe I will next time, just to see how it changes the taste. But as it is, I love it! It is especially enticing at breakfast or for a quick afternoon snack, particularly with apricot preserves.
This ciabatta signs off on our stay by the big river. Our little crowd is dispersing. Our French guest is flying back home. The grandchildren are going back one by one to their rested parents. The Summer of the Ciabatta is nearing its end...
But, as we say in French, "je n'ai pas dit mon dernier mot", in other words, ciabatta is still very much on my mind. Stay tuned for more variations if you are not utterly bored by the subject by now... :-) The Apricot Limoncello Ciabatta goes to Susan, fromWild Yeast, for Yeastpotting.


  1. Wow, MC, you are getting so creative with all these ciabattas (ciabatte?)! I hope you have had a wonderful summer.

  2. I love the look of this ciabatta! I am tuned for more variations:).

  3. Great idea! Did the limoncello get substituted for part of the water in the dough or did you use it to soak the apricots?

  4. @ Susan, yes, I am having lots of fun with the ciabatte (sounds better than ciabattas, you are right). The versatility of the bread is simply amazing.
    @ Sunshinemom, and thank you for stopping by. I'll make sure to come up with more ideas.
    @ Mimi, I just substituted the liquor for part of the water. That way you get an overall faint hint of lemon in the crumb and a full burst of delicious apricot flavor when you bite in the fruit.



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