Saturday, October 24, 2009

When a bakery is about more than bread...

For those of you who may have difficulty viewing what comes after the ad, please click here to go to the original post on the ABC News website.


  1. Hi MC,
    Trying to watch your video, but all I get is the ad - maybe it's me - what'aya think?

  2. John, click after the ad!
    MC, Great story, just one thing, communism, socialist,bread...are they kidding, it's the staple of life!


  3. Hi, John! I didn't need to click on anything for the video to start after the ad. But try Jeremy's solution. Let me know if it still doesn't work.
    Hi, Jeremy! I know, I found the comment funny myself...

  4. Bother, I have the same problem... I only see the ad, even if I click after...

  5. Sorry about that! The problem may be linked to the speed of your Internet connection. In any case I have now posted the link to the original website. I hope that will do the trick...



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