Friday, November 27, 2009

Vermont Feather Beds

The recipe is to be found here, on John's beautiful blog, The Lost World of Drfugawe. I am only posting the weight of the ingredients in grams, so that I don't have to figure it out again next time I bake these little rolls. To make 12 of them, you need: 244 g milk, scalded 36 g butter (I used almond oil) 25 g sugar (which is less than the original amount) 3 g salt 1 egg, well beaten 70 g, mature white starter 450 g unbleached all-purpose flour They looked very appealing and they were quite tasty. Next time I'll try to bake them free-form instead of using muffin cups... Thanks for the recipe, John!


  1. Thanks for the honor of your attribution, and for trying Feather Beds - I served them at Thanksgiving dinner, and everybody loved them. Yours are prettier than mine!

  2. Thanks for this post. I went back and looked at your post about the banana feather breads and had to try them.

    Amazing and delicious--the best bread I ever made. I was inspired by your shaping, and while mine was not as rustically beautiful as yours, I'm pleased with the result which you can see at

  3. @John, the Feather Beds were a hit here too. I could have made twice as many!
    @JanKnitz, your bread is gorgeous! May I post the picture on Farine?



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