Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Doesn't this take the cake?

Click on the picture to see the whole collection. Doesn't your jaw drop when you look at the prices (especially when you remember it is given in British pounds)? So that a pair of slippers would actually set you back $103 at today's exchange rate and, listen to this, most of them are sold out!!!!!!!!! Well, no, you can still get the brown ones or else the tiny ones for your tots. Those are a bargain at $36. My Mom taught me to always look at the positive. So, here it is: I just found a lucrative outlet for my surplus starter! :-)
And since we are talking wearable bread, I might as well let you sneak a look at the new line of jewelry my youngest granddaughter (she just turned three) is now promoting to the immense satisfaction and admiration of her twin brother and her four-year old sister.


  1. (pas les chaussons, hein, mais le petit bras de A., son élégance, craquant!!)



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