Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I was planning... post a daily levain chronicle this week but the unreliability of the Internet connection at Gérard's place makes it impossible, especially if I want to include videoclips (and I do). So I'll post the info in chronological order when I get back home and can upload the videos. Sorry about the delay...


  1. MC, your snow photos are a dream for people who live or grow up in the tropics. They are beautiful beyond belief. I still remember the very first Christmas card that I saw as a child growing up in the tropics. The snow and the glittering sparkles they put on the Christmas card is a permanent memory, an imprint rather, in my brain. One day when I get old if ever I get Alzheimer disease I’ll probably still remember that Christmas card with snow.
    Thank you for showing your beautiful photos.

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I am looking forward to your updates. Thank you so much for putting this together for us to learn more.
    Esther in Ottawa

  3. Darn! I hope your journey back home will be a safe and swift one! I guess I will have to look at your beautiful winter pictures just to pass the time.



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