Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Antwerp: Moroccan Breads

I picked up the Man at Paris Airport and we drove straight to Belgium to visit with his parents. On Sunday morning we went for a stroll to the Vogelmarkt (a big outdoor market in the center of Antwerp) where numerous Moroccan vendors were hawking their goods, including luscious preserved lemons... baskets...
...and breads.
I bought the above whole-wheat loaf and chatted with the young vendor for a while. But I soon discovered that while he knew quite a lot about spices, he was pretty short on information regarding his bread. When I asked what ingredients had gone into the loaf, he hesitated, scratched his head for a minute and said tentatively: "Hmm, ... flour?"

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  1. MC, fear not I have a recipe for bread from that region of the Maghreb, it's primarily Semolina or me thinks even kamut, though I could be wrong!!!
    I have a book from Eric Kaiser and some bakers from the Ferrandi school which has a North African style bread formula, oh say hello to the Belgian fellow for me!!!



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