Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning about bread with Ciril Hitz: baguette shaping

Thanks to a fellow member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, I just discovered this excellent video by Ciril Hitz.


  1. Am so glad Mr. Hitz uploaded some of his wonderful videos.

  2. Isn't it a pleasure to watch the pros at work?

  3. MC,

    Thank you for posting the video.


  4. MC, thank you for this post. I have been following your bread baking expertise for a while now. I have a question about high-extraction flour. For this recipe you said, "If you don't have access to a high-extraction flour, a reasonable substitute would be to use 80% organic white flour and 20% whole wheat flour."
    I blanched when I read this! I have been using 80% whole wheat/20% white bread flour! I then checked in Reinhart, Leader and Hamelman to make sure I was doing this correctly. According to them, I was and am. Are these percentages you stated only for this particular recipe?
    Thank you for your wonderful site.

  5. Hi, Roz, thank you for your kind words. Re: hi-extraction flour, I don't know what to tell you, other that it is what I learned at SFBI when taking the Artisan classes (maybe I misunderstood?). But if it works the other way round, that's good news. With a higher percentage of whole grain, the taste must be even more wheaty and the nutritional benefits higher. Please let me know how the 85x3 recipe turns out using these proportions.



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