Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smile! It's breakfast time at McDo...

I knew McDonald's had heeded la différence and created a whole new breakfast menu for several of its restaurants in France (see article here in Le Figaro as translated by Google. The translation is  pretty funny but it still conveys the gist of the article, especially if one remembers to replace the word "wand" by "baguette" throughout the text. If you read French, the original is here).
But it is one thing to know and quite another to actually see with your own eyes and what my eyes did this morning upon glimpsing the McCafé which adorns the Avenue de la Gare in Antony (a Paris suburb) is bulge right out of my head! I couldn't believe this was the same restaurant whose golden arches grace the landscape from sea to shining sea on the other side of the Atlantic. Come on in and see for yourself...

It was late morning and I didn't see any McBaguettes: I guess they had all been spoken for already but the macaroons were out in force and looked very sympathiques. The waitress, sorry, barista, was quite amused to see me taking pictures. I explained that we lived en Amérique and that this was our first McCafé ever. She smiled indulgently.
I wish we had known about the McCafé and made plans to have breakfast there. But we had had our morning brew before getting on the train and anyway we were expected. So we said our goodbyes and left, postponing to another visit our first taste of the French exception as seen by McDonald's.


  1. I'm not a McDonald's fan but this looks interesting

    1. The macarons are probably not as good as Ladurée's or Hermé's but I am positive they top eggs McMuffin!



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