Sunday, July 21, 2013


Remember the open drawbridge in my last post? Well, I am happy to report that my wrist no longer looks like it, but rather like the stone bridge I once photographed in Southwestern France. Even stonier. They put a humongous cast on it, so heavy that I feel like I am wearing a statue's hollow arm. I can barely drag it along (I wish I could set it on an arm-level wheeled platform and push it in front of me). The good news is that because  it keeps my arm up in a permanent salute, it does wonders to minimize swelling.
The surgeon didn't have to do a bone graft but he put in two plates, including a very long one which will need to be surgically removed after two or three months. If they left it in, I wouldn't be able to bend my wrist again. Ever.
I broached the subject of typing: yes, probably after they put in the permanent cast sometimes in early August. Photography? Sure, if I can operate the camera with one hand. Mixing dough? The surgeon laughed. He probably thought I was trying to be funny. When he saw I was serious, he said no way. Then he asked how much my camera weighed. His mouth formed an "O" when he heard. He said: rule of thumb, nothing heavier than a cup of coffee!
This summer is definitely marching to a different drummer...


  1. Je trouve que la vie est bien difficile pour toi.

  2. I am soooo glad it's over! I did not expect to see an update this weekend, but was "cautiously optimistic" I would be hearing from you.... Reading from you, actually

    So your arm is in a permanent salute! Amazing... I hope you will be able to sleep well, this would probably ruin my pattern of sleep, which is not that great to start with

    another surgery in a couple of months is a pain to go through, but I suppose the next surgery will have a much smoother recovery since it's just to remove a plate... what do I know, though?

    thinking of you!

  3. I hope you heal fast and well. You describe the conversation perfectly with your surgeon, I can see you both in my mind's eye, particulary the O when he hears about your camera.

    . One handed dinner rolls maybe ? Sending lots of love, xx Joanna

  4. Hello MC, good to hear your wrist is on the mend albeit with the inconvenience. I can picture the dr's face when you asked about the dough mixing!
    I feel for you! Thank you for typing your blog always!!
    X Julia

  5. Dear MC,
    I never had the "opportunity" to share your experience with a broken limb. But as a medical intern I helped to fix a lot of them. So I can only wish you a lot of patience and a fast period of recovery. All the best!

  6. You make me laugh out loud. Hoping a speedy and full recovery, on every level.

  7. Glad to hear the surgery went well, but...Yes, I'd have made that O as well. Perhaps voice recognition software is in order to save you the typing which has to be quite a struggle. Appreciate that you are doing it, though, and now realize my excuses for not wanting to post are completely ridiculous!



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