Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing you a year of good bread...

...and other wonders! May your life rise to new heights, leavened by the love of family and friends!
This beautiful holiday bread was made by my friend Diane Andiel whom you may already know from this Meet the baker article and from that post. She used a 14% butter brioche dough but says any cinnamon bun dough recipe would work. It is a favorite in her house and among her customers. Though she sometimes uses her grandmother's grinder to grind the poppy seeds, she also often buys cans of ready-made poppy seed filling either from a European specialty store or online. She definitely doesn't recommend using a food processor although a coffee grinder might work. The shaping is just a roll that is split in two and twisted together before going in the bread pan. Yum! Thank you, Diane!


  1. Hi MC,
    Beautiful wish, beautiful bread...such festive photos, the swirls in the bread's filling curling like the decorative ribbon.
    Thank you for your New Year wishes, and I wish all that and more, for you!
    And thank you for showing us this gorgeous poppy seed twist loaf of Diane's - truly special.
    :^) breadsong

  2. Hi MC,
    I just happen to have a couple of loaves of cinnamon raisin bread rising in my proofing box right now so this really caught my eye as something my kids would LOVE too. I understand the dough but wonder if you have more details about the poppy seed filling? I am assuming it is a mixture of cinnamon and ground poppy seeds but I would love to know the % of seeds used and with what other ingredients, if any in her filling….
    (I love baking with poppy seeds and about a week ago I baked a Mohnstollen (Karin's formula found on her blog 'Bread and Broth') which people loved so this looks like a loaf I would love to try out too.)
    Thanks for the bread wishes and I send those wishes bouncing back to you too. I look forward to reading all about your breads in the coming New Year :)

    1. Hello Janet! I asked Diane about the filling and here is what she wrote back: "If your readers google poppy seed filling, they would find many variations. This one contained honey, candied orange peel and raisins. Soaking the seeds would make grinding easier. You want the seeds ground to almost a paste." She didn't say anything about percentages, so I guess it varies. I know she uses canned poppyseed filling as well and I remember her telling me that you can easily freeze unused portions of the cans. Hope this helps!

    2. It does indeed help. I will look up a formula in Stan and Norm's book 'Inside The Jewish Bakery'. Seems to me they have a section on fillings and I am thinking they will for sure have one containing poppy seeds.
      Thank you :- )

  3. Very best wishes for a much happier 2014 for you and your family. And thanks for all the breaducation. Patsy

  4. Hi Farine,

    I have enjoyed reading your posts on bread, and life, and enjoying both. I could smell the cinnamon as soon as I looked at this picture. A few weeks ago my son made bread at Sunday School. He was very proud.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year full of peace, joy and comfort. Always in our thoughts.

  5. Best wishes to you, too, Farine! Your Hazelnut Cider Barley Bread was my last loaf of 2013.



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