Monday, February 3, 2014

Sonora White Whole Wheat Jelly Roll

West/Southwest meets North/Northwest, white Sonora wheat meets red kuri squash. Made with 60% Sonora white whole wheat pastry flour (bought at Grist & Toll in Los Angeles, California, from grain grown either in California or in Arizona) and 40% white whole wheat pastry flour (bought at Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill in Burlington, Washington) from grain grown in nearby Lynden, this sunny cake is a regular melting pot, all the more so as it is filled with jam made last fall from our Northwest bumper crop of red kuris.
The Sonora accounts for the pale yellow and the red kuri for the bright orange, and together, they make for a soft texture and complex taste. They may overshadow the less assertive Northwest white but then, sorry, Lynden grain, this time you were invited in a strictly supporting role as, right or wrong, I wasn't sure the Sonora would have been up for a roll with macho kuri jam without your help. But fear not, your turn to shine will come again...

*   I used two different flours because I wasn't sure that the Sonora flour would be strong enough for a jelly roll if used by itself
** I used grape-seed oil
*** Or any medium-soft jam or jelly

For those of you who are using BreadStorm (including the free version), please click on this link to import the formula.  For more on BreadStorm, you may want to read this post.

For the instructions, please refer to the first five steps of this King Arthur Flour recipe (from which I adapted the list of ingredients).
If there is any red kuri jelly roll leftover, you might want to squeeze a sweet orange (such as a Cara Cara navel) over the whole thing the next day, let the crumb soak up the juice for a couple of minutes and... I'll say no more, you'll know bliss when you taste it.


  1. You will know bliss when you taste it...

    Well, that is making me want to take a deep breath and try my luck making this... I've never made any type of jelly roll and find them very intimidating...

    so beautiful, love the whole wheat component....

    Great post! (as usual...)

    1. Go for it, Sally! You'll soon be rolling away like a pro and it is such a quick and convenient cake to have in your trove of dessert recipes...

  2. Replies
    1. You know me, Jeremy! Breadstorming across the board these days! It is such a time-saver for a mathematically challenged person like me...



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