Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Grain Gathering 2014: Whole Grains Galore

Here are a few more images gleaned during the Gathering...

Wood-fired Pretzels with Jeffrey Hamelman from King Arthur Flour

Wood-fired bagels with Mark Doxtader from Tastebud Farm

Flatbreads from the Tandoor oven with Frank Milnard from Wood Stone Corporation
Cookies with Renee Bourgault from BreadFarm
Four Wheats, Four Miches and Four Madeleines with Jonathan Bethony from The Bread Lab and Dawn Woodward from Evelyn's Crackers
Quesadillas from Patty Pan Cooperative

Breads in Braids with Andrew Melzer

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  1. Hi MC,

    The picture of the wheat bread (photo of bread with lots of scores) looks pretty good. Just wondering if you have a recipe for that bread?


    1. Hi Spencer, here is the link I have:
      If you make it, please let me know how it turns out. I am pretty sure the Bread Lab used freshly milled Skagit Valley wheat, so you may need to adjust the recipe a bit based on the wheat you will be using.

  2. Is this the Washington Gathering or east coast?

    1. Washington. I don't know that the East Coast one is called Grain Gathering, is it?



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